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Westland Irrigation District Watershed Plan: Environmental Assessment

The Fain Environmental team is preparing a watershed plan and an environmental assessment for an irrigation canal modernization project within Umatilla County. This environmental assessment addresses existing conditions of soils, vegetation, fish, hydrology, wetlands, floodplains, and several other topics of importance within the project area. This assessment addresses potential modernization alternatives and the future impacts they will have on the project area. The team performed an assessment of existing conditions of soils, vegetation, and wetlands within the project area as well as the future impacts on soils, vegetation, and wetlands for each of the six modernization alternatives. We prepared a water resources workbook, that quantifies the amount of water that would be available to district patrons after the project is implemented.

Location: Umatilla County, Oregon

Owner: Westland Irrigation District

Year: 2021 to present


  • Environmental Assessment
  • Remote Sensing Analysis
  • Water Resources Guidebook