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RM 36.09 Culvert Replacement

Fain Environmental performed a geomorphic assessment of Dickerson Creek. Dickerson Creek is a natural stream that flows under the Navy’s railroad crossing. The goal of the project is to allow fish passage under the railroad. We measured channel cross-sections to be used for hydraulic modeling. At each cross-section, we evaluated stream scour and sediment grain size of a reference reach to inform the design of the new culvert. We then used GIS, survey data, and LiDAR data to develop a vertical profile and map of the creek. Next, the Fain team will provide guidance for large wood placement and other habitat features, like step pools and stream meanders.

RM 36.09 Culvert Replacement

Location: King County

WRIA 15: Kitsap

Owner: U.S. Navy

Year: 2022 to present


  • Geomorphic Assessment
  • Bankfull Width Analysis
  • Hydraulic and Hydrologic Analysis
  • Scour Analysis