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NW Fish Passage

The Partnership

NW Fish Passage provides complete design and permit services to enable “shovel ready” fish passage projects in the Pacific Northwest. We are a strategic, collaborative, and cost-effective small-business partnership based in Bellingham, Washington. 

NW Fish Passage is dedicated to solving your unique fish passage challenges.

Our partnership is tailored to provide specialty services to address the unique nature and specific needs of fish passage projects. Our collaborative team, led by Annika Fain of Fain Environmental, includes water resource scientists, engineers, biologists, and regulatory specialists with decades of experience in public works projects here in the Pacific Northwest. We have established and trusted relationships with our clients who include public entities, tribes, regulators, and local enhancement groups.

Our Partners


Sudden Valley Culvert Replacements (2020-2021)

Location: Bellingham, Washington | Owner: Sudden Valley Community Association

Description: The NW Fish Passage and Impact Design Team provided project management, civil engineering design, hydraulic analysis, and permitting support for the construction of six failing culverts for the Sudden Valley Community Association. Two of the culverts were held to Fish Passage Standards by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and required Army Corps of Engineers JARPA permit and Hydraulic Project Approval. Our team prepared and submitted all permits including local Land Disturbance Permitting with Whatcom County. The project was supported by The Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (Contact Darrell Grey). The two fish passage culverts were permitted as concrete box culverts and additional open channel habitat. Other culverts were replaced with HDPE piping.

Temporary Stream Diversion Plan for E Smith Rd Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Location: Bellingham, Washington | Owner: Granite Construction

Description: The NW Fish Passage and Impact Design Team prepared a temporary stream diversion plan for the E. Smith Rd Pavement Rehabilitation Project. Our team prepared and provided a technical review for a Stream Diversion Plan for Granite on a very short timeline. The NW Fish Passage Team completed an analysis of flow through the proposed pipe and informed Granite on minimum pipe size.

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