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Mutiny Bay Geocoastal Report: Geocoastal Assessment and Shoreline Protection Analysis

Fain Environmental performed a coastal geomorphic assessment for 210 feet of privately owned Puget Sound shoreline to determine the most appropriate shore protection for the site. The team assessed publicly available data on local geology, coastal processes, septic systems, and documented shoreline habitat at the site and prepared a Geocoastal report for Island County. They collected data in the field on existing shoreline armor, existing water level conditions, and property setback. Fain environmental conducted a future shoreline change analysis sea level rise analysis along the site. Using all this information an alternatives analysis was conducted and the team suggested an appropriate shoreline protection plan.

Location: Island County, Washington

WRIA 6: Island

Owner: Private Landowners

Year: 2022


  • Shoreline protection analysis
  • Wind and Wave Analysis
  • Geomorphic Assessment